Weight Loss on Paleo + One Week Paleo Meal Plan

How to lose weight on the Paleo diet

Weight loss on Paleo navigates the top 4 action items to losing unwanted weight while providing you with a Paleo meal plan to jump-start your weight loss goals.

You haven’t even started your weight loss journey, and I am already so proud of you! You are here because you are ready to lose weight, keep it off, and maintain your new lifestyle for years to come!

Every day, you are bombarded with diet trends, shakes, and supplements to help you lose weight. Here’s the thing… none of these short term fads are sustainable for long-term results.

While I know change is hard, and you may be scared, it is okay – We all struggled with our physical appearance at some point in our lives. For you, it’s time to change that today! If you are still reading, you’ve already shown me you are ready and willing to start!

Below you will find the best practices for losing weight on Paleo. If you are ready to dive deep, you’ll want to get your hands on your step-by-step guide ‘Weight Loss on Paleo’ or schedule your free consult call with me today!

Weight Loss on Paleo

Managing a sustainable lifestyle through small modifications in your eating and exercising habits paired with the proper education and tools needed will help you lose weight, keep it off, and maintain your desired long-term health goals.

Following a strictly regimented diet program provides short-term satisfaction but long-term defeat and weight gain. A manageable and healthy weight can be obtained by eating real foods without restricting yourself from your everyday pleasures.

Every person has unique physical and lifestyle requirements, so no one health program will work for everyone. By following the action items below, you can lose excess and unwanted weight regardless of your background. These action items are an excellent tool to kick off your weight loss, but you’ll want to download ‘Weight Loss on Paleo’ for your step-by-step guide.

Action Item # 1

Determining Your Ideal Weight

Being within your ideal weight range and maintaining that can help protect you from many chronic degenerative and preventable diseases while providing you with more energy, a slimmer physique, and improved overall health. If you downloaded your guide to weight loss on Paleo, you can use the chart in the back of the guide to help you figure out your ideal weight.

Action Item # 2

Determining Your Caloric Intake

Once you’ve figured out your ideal weight, you need to know how many calories you are currently consuming. Your current caloric intake is what’s causing you to gain or maintain your current weight. HOWEVER… counting calories or heavily restricting them isn’t the best way to lose weight. While knowing your daily caloric intake is very important, calories only tell us so much. The only reason I encourage calculating your daily caloric intake is to determine your macronutrients in the next action item.

Action Item # 3

Determining Your Macronutrients

Fat, protein, and carbohydrates are the three macros that are found in all foods. But, let’s face it, not all calories and macros are created equal. For example, you can eat 100 calories of avocado, a healthy fat, or eat 100 calories of a doughnut, a carbohydrate. The source of those 100 calories is the type of information you need to understand to lose weight and keep it off. Learning the fundamentals of your macros and learning how to adjust them to work best for your body is very effective for weight loss. I recommend downloading your step-by-step guide to weight loss on Paleo for your weight loss macros and how to calculate them based on your daily caloric intake.

Action Item # 4

Determining Your Physical Activity

Losing and maintaining your weight not only requires modifications with the foods you consume but also incorporating at least 15 to 30 minutes of physical activity into your daily routine. It’s best to take note of the physical activities that you enjoy. You’ll be much more likely to do them if you are enjoying them! If you are currently inactive, any type of physical activity will jump-start your weight loss, even going for a 10-minute walk, dancing, or doing yard work or housework.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Weight Loss on Paleo

Weight Loss on Paleo is your step-by-step action guide that gives you everything you need to calculate your ideal weight, BMR, and macronutrients. Plus, ways to incorporate physical activities that will have you losing weight and keeping it off for good and so much more!

You’ll want to spend time in each chapter learning the content and the process. Your complete understanding is crucial to your success. Each day you will face new challenges – some easy and others hard. There are plenty of modifications listed to accommodate each individual’s limitations.

Once you have access to your step-by-step guide to weight loss on Paleo, I recommend utilizing the weekly measurement and activity worksheets. These sheets are great for tracking progress and looking back at your accomplishments.

Make this experience work for you and your life! This step-by-step guide to weight loss is meant to alleviate any stress you may have regarding losing weight, but if at any point your feel overwhelmed, take a moment and jump back into it tomorrow or next week if you have too. At the end of this step-by-step guide, you should be ready to start your weight loss journey (if you haven’t already)!

Wrapping Up Weight Loss on Paleo

While you are making these lifestyle modifications in your diet and exercise patterns, it’s essential to keep track of your progress and note the things you liked and worked as you push towards your goals. Use the worksheets found in the back of your step-by-step guide to weight loss on Paleo to track your physical measurements, energy levels, sleep, hunger, cravings, and so much more!

I’d love to see your progress as you achieve your ideal weight. Send before and after photos to hello@momeatspaleo.com or join our Paleo for Mom’s support group on Facebook. If you have any questions, you can reach me at the email address above or schedule your free weight loss consult here. Chat soon! – Angela

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