Tips for Transitioning & Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Tips for Transitioning & Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Tips for Transitioning & Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

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Have you been struggling with adhering to a healthier lifestyle because of the lack of support and resources needed to efficiently and adequately transition and maintain it, is absent or is just downright confusing? I was in the same boat three years ago.

Between being bombarded daily with diet trends, fitness regimens, magic pills, weight loss surgeries, and unnecessary advice, I felt lost. Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be so hard…


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My Story

After giving birth to my second son, we struggled with food sensitivities right from the first latch. As his feedings improved, his health started to decline. With the development of weird rashes, mucousy bowel movements, cradle cap, acid reflux, gas, allergy-like symptoms, and non-stop crying and arching of the back; I was left defeated and worried.

After numerous trips to the pediatrician, I was advised to stop breastfeeding and switch to a soy formula. My defeat and worry turn into anger. Yet, I was determined to breastfeed my son just as I did my first.

I started to change my diet by slowly eliminating triggers foods; grains, gluten, dairy, legumes, sugar, and chemicals. Already feeling defeated (and now angry) I headed to the internet for recipes free of all the foods listed above. What I had discovered was the Paleo lifestyle.


As I, and many individuals like you, we tend to understand that our current lifestyle habits and routines are not optimal for our health or our family’s, but are unsure how to transition and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Start your journey today!


Tips for Transitioning and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle


Tips for Transitioning & Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Acknowledge Change
    • Create a binder and dedicate a few sections by category {foods, activities, weight, measurements, etc}. Look back as needed to acknowledge those changes.
  • Think Positive
    • If you are worried that something bad must follow the good, you might be creating bad things because of your point of view.
  • Get Support
    • Recruit your family, friends, and co-workers in supporting your lifestyle changes. Allow them to help in holding you accountable for keeping your health and wellness a priority.
  • Be Realistic
    • When making changes, set yourself up for success by keeping them small, practical and do one at a time.
  • Get Educated
    • Read and educate yourself on the best and worse lifestyle practices. It’s best to be well rounded.
  • Use Resources
    • Books, classes, blogs, services, and groups.
  • Find a Community
    • Social Media is an excellent outlet for finding like-minded individuals like you.
  • Embrace Change
    • Change can be hard and may be stressful at times, but it is rewarding and worth it.


Transitioning & Maintaining the Paleo Lifestyle

Are you and your family stuck in a routine that causes stress, fatigue, and weight gain due to inactivity? Do several of your meals and snacks include overly processed and prepackaged ‘foods’?

Let’s get real, aside from being unhealthy, the lack of activity and the consumption of overly processed foods sets a foundation for many preventable diseases and illnesses; such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, and many cancers. There is hope. By making small and simple modifications to your current (poor) daily habits, you can transition to and maintain optimal health.

Start building a solid foundation for the future of your family’s health. I will guide you through practical and sustainable ways to change your current problematic habits into healthy lifelong behaviors.


Transitioning and Maintaining the Paleo Lifestyle


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What this guide will do for you…

  • provide you with all the tools and support needed to transition to and maintain the Paleo lifestyle.
  • guide you in identifying your current negative lifestyle habits so that you can make simple and practical modifications.
  • supply you with the information and direction needed to achieve lifelong health and wellness.
  • show you how to properly manage your stress levels and ensure a good night’s rest.
  • teach you how to incorporate more daily activity into your current routine.
  • empower you to create a healthy lifestyle that will be the foundation of health and wellness for your entire family.
  • transform the way you look, think, and feel about yourself.


Questions? Email hello@momeatspaleo or check out these MEP products:

  • Weight Loss on Paleo
    • Weight Loss on Paleo goes beyond losing weight by combining information on the basics of Paleo, and why it’s a sustainable way to manage your weight and overall health. You’ll use this guide and tools to support a low-stress way to lose weight and keep it off.
  • Family Paleo Easy Meals
    • Stop losing your sanity playing the guessing game this week, regardless of your budget; you can transform your family’s favorite meals into realistic, quick, delicious, and healthful alternatives. Paleo Family Easy Meals goes beyond the shopping list {which is provided} and your children’s sophisticated palates, or lack thereof. It’s about prepping meals with similar ingredients, using the right tools to execute dinner, and going back to the basics to save you time, money, and what’s left of your sanity.



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