The Ultimate Paleo Costco Shopping List

Shopping for Paleo Approved Brands at Costco

The ultimate Paleo Costco shopping list is perfect for large families, stockpilers, and meal preppers. Learn how to stick within a budget, keep your pantry stocked, and eating well – all while shopping at Costco!

I’m not too fond of shopping when it comes to clothes, household goods, and miscellaneous items that will probably break after the first use. I do, however, love to shop for food. My face lights up every time I flip a container or box around and find nothing but simple Paleo ingredients listed under the nutritional facts.

I know, eating Paleo should be simple with the basics (meat, vegetables, fats, in-season fruits, nuts, and seeds). Yet, we also need to embrace companies that are breaking the mold by offering minimal ingredient real food alternatives. There are so many overly processed and sugar-filled designer foods out there; sometimes its hard to weed out the ‘bad’ from the good.

Companies such as Costco are starting to jump on the health food craze offering a wide variety of different options in bulk. This is a game-changer for large families or for those who like to stockpile, and meal preppers (like me) to choose healthier options at any time of year.

Being a busy mom, I know the first-hand struggles of finding time to not only go grocery shopping but to research products and brands that offer Paleo-approved options. As a frequent shopper at Costco, I’ve become familiar with the Paleo brands and products they offer and also have looked into their product’s origins, ingredients, and sustainability practices.

I am more than confident that the categories below feature Paleo-approved foods that will keep you in budget, your pantry stocked, and eating well – because these are the brands I feed my family.


The Ultimate Paleo Costco Shopping List

Below you will find general categories with Paleo-approved brands and their foods. Costco is ever-changing its products and brands, and not every store is stocked with the same products or brands.

While this shopping list will help you navigate the aisles and provide suggestions, in the case the brand or product listed below isn’t available, there may be another product stocked in its place. You’ll want to make sure you check the ingredient list to ensure there are no hidden additives, sugars, vegetable oils, or objectionable foods lurking in there.

Also, as you are shopping, take note of any additional Paleo products or brands you find! Write them down and add them to the comment section at the end of this page to help other Paleo enthusiasts!

Don’t forget to download your free Costco shopping list below!


Dry Goods

Birch Benders Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix (some stores have the Keto mix)

Manitoba Organic Hemp Hearts

Made in Nature Dates

Made in Nature Figs

Cherry Bay Orchards Dried Cherries

Autumn’s Gold Grain-Free Granola & Bars

Mayorga Chia Seeds

Simple Mill’s Sea Salt Crackers

Kirkland Signature Almonds

Kirkland Signature Pecans

Kirkland Signature Walnuts

Kirkland Roasted & Shelled Pistachios

Kirkland Dried Mangoes

RX Protein Bars


Canned & Jarred Goods

Lindsey’s Natural Black Olives

Kirkland Almond Butter

NuttZo Nut and Seed Butter

Kirkland Organic Chicken Broth

Wild Planet Tuna & Sardines

Kirkland Organic and Raw Honey

Kirkland Maple Syrup

Kirkland Organic Unsweetened Applesauce

Grefen Whole Beets


Kirkland Almond Flour

Kirkland Organic Coconut Oil

Marianne’s Avocado Oil

Kirkland Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda

Vanilla Extract – brands vary

Kirkland Sea Salt

Kirkland Black Peppercorns

Refrigerated Goods

Wholly Guacamole Cups

Garden Fresh Salsa

Kirkland Free-Range Eggs

Kerry Gold Butter (primal, keto)

Frozen Goods

Kirkland Organic Broccoli

Kirkland Organic Blueberries

Kirkland Organic Strawberries

Kirkland Organic Berry Blend

Kirkland Organic Cauliflower Rice

Kirkland Organic Brussel Sprouts

Wild-Caught Seafood (brands vary)

Grass-Fed Beef Patties (brands vary)

Kirkland Organic Chicken – tenders, breasts, wings, etc.


la Croix

Zico Coconut Water

Kirkland Green Tea Bags

Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk

Kirkland Unsweetened Almond Milk

The Ultimate Paleo Costco Shopping List

When it comes to purchasing fresh meats and produce from Costco, you should note the following:

While eating grass-fed, pasture-raised, and organic is optimal when it comes to the Paleo diet and lifestyle, sometimes our budgets don’t allow every meal to be 100% compliant – and there is nothing wrong with that.

If you must buy conventional meats and produce, buy meats with minimal fat (or cut the excess off), and wash or peel the produce before consuming. This rule should be implemented when purchasing from any local grocer.

Costco does offer an array of quality sourced meats and produce, but often their prices tend to be much higher than your preferred grocery store. For this, I suggest looking through your local grocer’s ad and finding stores that offer quality meat and produce in smaller quantities and on sale. This way, you can still be compliant and stick within a budget. 🙂

Reminder: As you are shopping, take note of any additional Paleo products or brands you find! Write them down and add them to the comment section at the end of this page to help other Paleo enthusiasts!

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