Self Help Tips Pt. 2

23 tips to help combat the Blues

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23 Holiday Self Help Tips to help combat the holiday blues and improve your quality of life by giving yourself the gift you most deserve: happiness.

Human Connection

When you are consumed with all the overwhelming levels of digital stimulation your emotions and spirits drain out. Leaving you unable to attend to the people and events in your life with the mental energy and focus needed to have a meaningful relationship.

Invest wisely in those individuals who are supportive, uplifting, and serve your well-being. Release those individuals that are holding you back or bringing you down. Start by nurturing your intimate circle of friends and family by extending face-to-face social invitations. E.g. dinner, game night, or small talk in a quiet setting.

Nurturing your intimate circle of friends

Be Generous

Research shows acts of generosity promote physical health and healing, along with the most apparent benefit; the emotional satisfaction you feel.

The emotional satisfaction you feel can sometimes be described as a “helpers high,” by the release of endorphins. The more you experience this “high” your stress levels will decrease, and you’ll experience a better nights sleep.

Self Help Tips on how to be more Generous


Ditch the notion of keeping a journal is merely for high school gossip and crushes. Setting time aside to write, whether in the morning or the evening before bed has its benefits.

Studies have shown emotional release from journaling lowers anxiety, stress, and induces sleep. When you can translate your thoughts into words or sentences, you can untangle the emotional blockages and the ‘what ifs’ into graspable and manageable experiences.


Getting a good nights sleep is essential to your mental health. Obtaining the right amount of sleep varies by individual and goes beyond an arbitrary number. Your sleeping habits should start with adjusting your sleep cycle to mimic the circadian rhythm (the raising and setting of the sun).

By aligning your sleep patterns with the circadian rhythm will promote important hormone secretions, brainwave patterns, and cellular repair and regeneration. In the Summer months try to align your bedtime no later than two hours after sunset. In the Winter Months try to align your bedtime no later than four hours after sunset.

Why getting a good nights sleep is essential to your overall health

Move More

It’s imperative to discover ways to move more for brief periods throughout the day. Make it a priority to take the stairs and avoid the elevators, or park in the farthest spot in the parking lot. Studies show productivity, mental health, and stress management can improve significantly when we take frequent breaks way from stimulations (social media, computer, work, TV, etc.) that leaves us sedentary for most of the day.

Don’t go longer than 30-minutes without taking a small break. If you can’t get away from the desk, do a few squats or stand while you make those important phone calls. Skip to the bathroom if you need too. Get creative.

Self Help Tips to get You Moving More

Stress Less

Your fight-or-flight response is triggered more times than not by the irrelevant amounts of stress and stimulation your modern lifestyle brings in. When you are able to reframe your perception of an environmental stimulus, more control is grained over the involuntary chemical/hormonal elements of the stress response.

After encountering a hectic rush hour, a heated argument, or simply a negative co-worker, try to mute your fight-or-flight response. Engag in some of these relaxation techniques: deep breathing, meditation, sun exposure, or simply cultivating a positive mind frame.


Taking personal time and escaping into silence helps you connect to your consciousness and subconsciousness. This solo event will help you attune raw and deeper levels of emotional healing. This ‘time away’ will allow personal and spiritual growth. It will also leave your mind at peace as you connect with solitude.

Find 5-10 minutes each day to seclude yourself to silence. It isn’t so much about the duration of your silence, as its more about taking the time to do it. By disengaging from everything and everyone for a few minutes suggests you care enough about yourself. Slow down and balance your mind and body.

Take personal Time and Escape into Silence

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