Self Help Tips Pt. 1

23 tips to help combat the Blues

23 Self-Help Tips to help combat the holiday blues and improve your quality of life by giving yourself the gift you most deserve: happiness.

Taking care of yourself is imperative to a happy and healthy life, but what if taking care of yourself has become a dreaded chore and wanting to wake up each morning has become non-existent?

Unfortunately, for many of us, this is a reality we face each day. Over the next 23 days I will cover one self-help tip via video on Facebook (so make sure you like and follow Mom Eats Paleo) that will help you combat the Holiday Blues during the season of giving.

Give back to yourself by simply incorporating these 23 Self Help Tips any day of the year.

Give up expectations

The holidays (Christmas in particular) can set you up for unrealistic expectations. Don’t let the Hallmark movies and holiday commercials fool you; not every moment is going to be a magical Christmas story.

One of the best ways to take care of yourself during this emotional time is to give up all expectations of the ‘perfect’ holiday. Let go of all the false realities and open yourself up to the moment in time.


Visualizing is a lot like imagining – both form a picture in your mind. Instead of wondering and dreaming an unrealistic notion (like marrying Justin Bieber), I want you to visualize. Make it happen!

The point of visualizing is to see yourself in a positive light. Start small by obtaining mini goals to your more prominent visual. A positive attitude toward yourself and surrounds produces positive results.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself on top of a mountain (both physically and figuratively). What do you see? How do you feel? Visualize a few times a week until your vision is precise, realistic, and obtainable.

Visualizing helps you see yourself in a positive light

Reconnect with Nature

Exposure to the great outdoors reverses the effects of the overstimulation the modern world projects upon you. When you are immersed in your natural surroundings, it creates a calm and predictable mental picture. The more time spent in nature, the more your involuntary awareness takes over, and your senses are heightened.

There are many ways to reconnect with nature; float down the river for its therapeutic benefits on your joints and muscles, walk barefoot in the grass, sand, or dirt for 30-minutes (also called grounding or earthing), or simply breathe in the negative ions nature has to offer for a more energized afternoon.

Self Help Tips to help you reconnect with Nature

Take a Break

Set aside 5-10 minutes (or more if you can) a day for yourself. Disengage from the outside world by shutting down all social media, putting the to-do list off to the side, and enjoy the silence.

Slow down your thoughts, just relax, and reflect. This will help your brain get the downtime it needs to process and reflect on the demands of your core daily responsibilities. In return, you’ll notice an increase in energy levels and productivity and a decrease in stress and anxiety.

Taking a Mid-day break is Essential to your health.

Media Fast

Technology is designed to make you more productive, and while it certainly does, it also leaves you distracted by separating you from the downtime that is sacred to your existence. Studies have shown that technology provides you with too many choices, and when faced with too many options the more stress and anxiety you will carry.

Discipline your use of technology by setting aside ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening to stroll through social media, trivial emails, and other social platforms.

Learn How to Media Fast and Why it is Important

Use Your Brain

Engage in creative and stimulating activities to nurture your mental health and overall well-being. Start by disengaging from your daily core responsibilities for a few minutes of fun, exciting, and inspiring intellectual diversions. Learn to dance, play an instrument, learn a new language, complete a puzzle, or teach yourself to knit or crochet.

Self Help Tips for Using your Brain


The great benefit of exercise merely relates to the movement of muscles, joints, and adaptive hormones. There is no need for an expensive gym membership to reap the benefits of moving more.

General everyday low-level movement (walking, yoga, cleaning, stretching, etc.) will enhance organ function, elevate mood, and brain function.

Unclutter Yourself

Your external world greatly affects your internal world and vice versa. Unclutter your surroundings for a more balanced life. You’ll be able to minimize the time spent on unnecessary tasks that contribute to the extra stress during the holidays.

You’ll find yourself more productive, focused, and grounded when your surroundings promote a clear picture. Remember an uncluttered and organized cabinet reflects an uncluttered mind.

Self Help Tips to Unclutter Your Life

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