Practicing Healthy Eating Habits {as a Family}

Practicing Healthy Eating Habits {as a Family}

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Practicing Healthy Eating Habits {as a Family}

Hi, Mama! I heard you were having trouble getting your kids to eat healthier meal options. I can sense the heartache every time you preheat the oven for those overly processed chicken nuggets after preparing a healthy four-course meal… that no one ate.

I’ve been there. The kitchen’s a mess, your clothes are dirty, the mascara you once wore runs down your cheeks, and you cut your finger for the hundredth time. Dinner time turns into a one-mom boxing match with you as the only opponent.

Tears have been shed, the dishrag has been thrown, and your bottle of wine is gone.

KFO! {Knocked the F#@& out!}

You: 0 Reality: 1

You end up eating dinner by yourself, only to be interrupted by poopy diapers, snack requests, and kissing invisible ouchies. By the time you finish your dinner, the kids have already reached the REM stage of sleep.

Don’t let dinner defeat you.



Healthy Eating Habits

Getting our children to eat healthy begins with us. It is a learned concept, and it starts off with simple examples from you, the parent. This practice is best taught to your child at a young age but don’t worry there is still hope for your older more matured son with his sophisticated palate of fast food and soda.

16 tips for health eating habits as a family

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16 Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

1. Give healthy options to choose from

Make homemade snacks, buy organic fruits and vegetables, and avoid anything processed.


2. Use colorful fruits and vegetables

Colorful fruits and vegetables are more appealing to children than bland and boring. Good examples: Strawberries, Blueberries, Carrots, Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, and Oranges on hand.


3. Prepare dinner together

Yes, your kitchen will be a mess, and you’ll probably need an extra chill pill, but take a moment and enjoy this experience. This is an excellent opportunity for your kids to try new things, help out, and feel important!


4. Get rid of overly processed foods

Throw it all away. Buh bye overly processed foods! Tip: shopping the outer parts of the grocery store limits the exposure to junk.


5. Go grocery shopping as a family

This tip will either bring everyone closer together or drive you one step closer to the nut house. Seriously, all joking aside, let your children participate in grocery shopping. Have them make a grocery list of ‘healthy’ items or dinner ideas for that week. Let them pick out new foods and bag fruits and vegetables.


6. Offer a variety of healthy options at each meal

Instead of offering a lot of one vegetable, make two or three small portions of a series of different vegetables. Kids LOVE options and being able to choose what they eat.


7. Make smoothies {great way to sneak in those leafy greens}

Yes, eating healthier can be as simple as drinking a smoothie. This is an excellent way to sneak more nutritious foods into their diets without them knowing. Setting a set smoothie time into your daily routine can offer excitement and fun; allow them to choose their ingredients and talk about the different fruits and vegetables that went into it.


8. Have a picnic

Pack a variety of freshly cut up fruits and vegetables and hit the nearest park or your backyard.



9. Keep a positive attitude

Kids thrive on negative energy so keeping a positive attitude during a time a transition is vital. If they see you positively eating new and healthy foods, they too will want to do the same.


10. Don’t harp or restrict foods

If your son doesn’t want to try broccoli maybe suggest he try something else that is being offered. Forcing your child to eat or like something, will have an adverse effect on that particular food or foods. Yes, avoid junk food at all costs, but there will be times we can not control our food surroundings {parties, get-togethers, etc.}. During these situations allow him to eat some chips and cake but also add some vegetables or fruit to his plate.


11. Be a role model

Yes, that means you eat healthy too!! You are your child’s first and most significant role model.


12. Introduce new foods slowly

To avoid failure and long-term issues slowly transition new foods into your kids’ diet. This can be as simple as preparing an extra ‘new to them’ vegetable or making one of their favorite dishes with a healthier twist.


13. Avoid snacks before meals

Eating snacks before dinner or lunch will discourage them from eating whats offered. Let them be hungry until you are finished cooking, and you’ll be surprised how much they will eat.


14. Plant a garden or visit local farmers markets

This is an excellent way to get your kids involved in picking and choosing healthy options. Having a garden will teach them about responsibility and patience when it comes to growing and harvesting foods. If you are unable to have a garden, walking around the local farmers market has its benefits as well! Start off by giving each child a couple of dollars. Have them choose one new vegetable or fruit they’d like to try, bring it home and talk about it {color, taste, shape} as you eat it together.


15. Have a routine

Kids love routines. Establishing a routine can be as easy as grocery shopping together as a family on Sunday mornings, or having a picnic after school on Fridays. Anything that you and your family can commit too and get excited about doing works!


16. Be Consistent

It takes a child eight tries of something before they can grasp if they in fact like what they are doing. Don’t give up even in your moments of defeat. Consistency is key.


Moms Eat Paleo
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A community of moms who are joined by one common bond; Paleo!




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