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Paleo Kid’s Edition Cookbook

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Paleo Kid's Edition Cookbook

The number one concern I hear from moms is the time and effort it takes to prepare and cook Paleo meals. The second is their picky eaters (husband included) will not eat those hard labored healthy meals it took you all day to make.

+ It will provide you with over forty 30-minute kid-approved meals.

+ It is designed with your time constraints in mind and your children’s sophisticated (or lack thereof) palates.

+ It will empower you to spend more time in the kitchen as a family cooking, eating, and making memories that will be passed on for generations to come.

+ It will empower you to create a healthy lifestyle that will be the foundation of health and wellness for your entire family.

I want to alleviate your struggles and help you and your family ditch those unhealthy foods for good and start eating real foods.