No Recipe Paleo Snacks for Kids (and Adults)

Ready to Eat Snacks for Busy Kids and Parents

Below you’ll find ready to eat no recipe Paleo snacks for busy kids and adults. 100% budget-friendly and easily sourced snacks for a nutrient-dense grab and go snack.

Each snack below is packed with nutrient-dense ingredients, completely peanut/tree nut-free, and can be tailored to your lifestyle and schedule.

These snacks are also great for the whole family. They can be easily grabbed on the way out the door in the morning or as an after school snack.

All the snacks require zero prep work and are in their most natural state! You’ll find the basics of the Paleo diet; meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds all wrapped into simple and healthy snacks.

Simple ingredients for busy families!

No Recipe Paleo Snacks for Kids (and Adults)

Beef Jerky: All jerky is good jerky; just be sure to choose a quality product (without all the unhealthy additives or make your own)!

Carrots / Celery: Wash, dry, peel, and cut carrots and celery into sticks. Dip into your favorite nut or seed butter or a dairy-free ranch dressing.

Coconut: Smash open a fresh coconut, drink the milk, and cut up the meat pieces for a nice and refreshing snack.

Dark Chocolate: Cut the sweet tooth with a couple of pieces of 75% or higher dark chocolate made with an all-natural sweetener or coconut sugar.

Fish: Canned tuna or sardines can easily replace a full meal or provide a satisfying snack on the go or at home.

Fresh Berries: Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, all are nutritious and very satisfying.

Hard-Boiled Eggs: Make 4 to 6 eggs in advance. Peel and sprinkle with some salt for a nutrient-dense protein-packed snack.

Olives: These are a delicious, nutrient-dense handy snack with an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids.

Trail Mix: To save money, you can easily make a homemade trail mix with all your favorite nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. If allergies are an issue, try making a nut-free trail mix!

More No Recipe Snack Ideas

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Grain-Free Chips

Grain-Free Crackers

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I would love to hear how these snacks worked for you and your family, or if you found other grab and go snacks that you’d like to share with other parents! Comment in the comment section below or share it with us on social media!