New Year Resolution

How to be realistic and get results

Whether you are looking to save more, lose a few pounds, or make new friends, find out how to be realistic and achieve results with your New Year Resolution.

As you close out 2018 in a few days, you are faced with the reality another year has passed. Just as you press rewind to play back the past years life events, milestones, and disappoints, you’ve now grasped the fact that the last resolution you made died around the second week in January… probably a few years ago.

At least mine did.

As each new year approaches instead of making a new unattainable resolution, take it upon yourself to not commit or change anything.

Sounds weird, right?

By doing this, you take out the super unrealistic goals and commitments that could not be met and remove the stress of trying to obtain your resolution within an unrealistic time frame.

Resulting in another failed New Year Resolution.

Here’s the thing; a new year will not bring in a new and improved you. You are you. Yes, you can work on life improvements and realistic goals throughout the year, but the reality is, change and success does not happen overnight. So, you shouldn’t expect to wake up January 1st looking like a supermodel or have a million dollars in your bank account.


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Six Ways to be realistic and achieve results in 2019

Unrealistic Goals

As touched upon earlier unrealistic goals are the number one reason the majority of individuals (you included) never finish your resolution. When you set unattainable goals for yourself, you automatically are set up for failure. Like that one year, you decided to lose 25 pounds by February 1st. Laughable, right?! When setting goals (in general) they should always be specific in nature, with a precise direction, and a practical time frame that meets the particular need.

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Lack of Support

Unfortunately, many individuals do not have the support they need to fulfill their ambitions due to the lack of encouragement from family and friends. Regardless if the resolution is attainable or not. Not being supported during a time of positive change can have damaging effects. Without the proper encouragement or acknowledgment of change, from a loved one, would leave the question; am I not good enough? If you find yourself failing on a realistic goal or improvement due to the lack of support, click here. You are worthy of my time.


Fear of Failure

The fear of failing will ultimately prevent you from moving forward and achieving your resolution; making you immobile within your goal. Contributing factors to fearing failure include low self-esteem, anxiety, procrastination, negative thinking, childhood trauma, or an unfavorable experience in adulthood. Each one of these can hinder you following through on your goal. Regardless where your fear of failure is derived from, you have a choice- you can choose to fail, or you can choose not to. Need help avoiding failure? Schedule your free phone call today!


Time Management

Not planning and practicing conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific goal will end in failure. When we do not make time for our needs, wants, and desires they tend to drift off into a distant thought. A thought that sits around until you ‘get to it.’ The truth is unless you make time for your new resolution, ‘I’ll get to it later,’ is just an accuse for your lack of time management skills. There is plenty of time.

How to achieve goals

Lack of Motivation

The lack of motivation can be caused by a lot of things, some being more serious than others, but when motivation is lacking, so is any hopes of getting started. If the desire and drive to attaining your resolution are not there, step back, and evaluate. Is this the right goal for you?

Not Ready to Commit

“I’m not ready” is one of the oldest excuses in the book to avoid responsibility. Once we commit to something, we are set on taking that extra responsibility and following through. A new goal is like a relationship. It will take time to trust, build, and commit. If you’re not ready to invest now, maybe you will be later. Sometimes commitment comes at horrible timing.


Whether you are looking to save more, lose a few pounds, or make new friends, just make sure your resolution is realistic, precise, practical, and attainable within a reasonable time frame.

Do you plan to make a New Year Resolution?


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