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Must Read Paleo Books for Success

Must Read Paleo Books for Success

Must Read Paleo Books

Top Paleo Books You Must Read

Must Read Paleo Books for any newbie or the advanced expert looking to expand their knowledge of the Paleo lifestyle and its practices.

Hi, Mama! It’s confession time. When I first started practicing the Paleo lifestyle, I had no idea Paleo was a thing. I just knew I had to get rid of all things dairy, grain, soy, sugar, and those nasty franken foods.

After getting bored with the standard chicken and vegetables, I hit the interwebs for recipes free of everything listed above – that’s when I found Paleo.

I didn’t have the slightest idea what I was getting myself into, other than I just wanted to feel normal. (Whatever normal is)? I was sick of being overweight, depressed, and fatigued, hell, I was just sick of being sick!

After losing 54 pounds, regaining my happiness, and having enough energy to finally live life, I turned to reading. While others might run a marathon or go on a vacation after achieving a total lifestyle transformation, I took the more frugal approach.

I wanted to know why the Paleo lifestyle worked. I wanted to help others find their normal and I wanted to show you the Paleo lifestyle does work.

So, I put together my top Must Read Paleo Books that have been written by all sorts of Paleo folks that have helped me grasp and understand the Paleo lifestyle while learning the joys of cooking and eating healthy.

Ready? Set!? Get Reading!

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Must Read Paleo Books for Success

Must Read Paleo Books for Beginners and Experts
Books listed below are in no particular order.

1. Eat the Yolks

By: Liz Wolfe

In ‘Eat the Yolks,’ Liz Wolfe takes you on a hilarious (but very educational) adventure on how everything we’ve been told about food is wrong.

She uncovers the shocking lies we’ve been told about fat, cholesterol, protein, carbs, and calories and brings us the truth about which foods are actually healthy.

Learn the truth with Liz Wolfe in ‘Eat the Yolks.

2. Smart Fat

By: Steven Masley and Johnny Bowden

In ‘Smart Fat,’ Masley and Bowden get down and dirty with fat. For years experts have told us that eating fat is bad. Which is far from the truth. By banning good fats from our diets, we’ve actually deprived ourselves of certain health benefits.

Masley and Bowden explain the amazing properties of healthy fat, including its ability to balance hormones for increased energy and appetite control, and its incredible anti-inflammatory benefits.

It’s time to unlearn what we think we know about food and get ‘Smart Fat‘ with Masley and Bowden.

3. The Primal Blueprint

By: Mark Sisson

In ‘The Primal Blueprint‘ Mark Sisson gives you the information needed to shift from the flawed conventional wisdom we grew up with about diet and exercise to a healthy empowering Paleo lifestyle.

This book lays out the ten Primal Blueprint laws that will reprogram your genes in the direction of weight loss, optimal health, and longevity.

Let Mark empower you with ‘The Primal Blueprint‘ and start living and eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

4. Eat Dirt

By: Josh Axe

In ‘Eat Dirt‘ Josh explains the often discussed but misunderstood leaky gut syndrome. From diagnosis to treatment you’ll find everything you need to cure and relieve your leaky gut symptoms.

Learn hidden causes and widespread effects of leaky gut syndrome and heal your gut and restore health in five easy steps.

Take the quiz and go ‘Eat Dirt‘ with Dr. Josh Axe.

5. It Starts with Food

By: Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

In ‘It Starts with Food‘ Dallas and Melissa give you a clear, balanced, and sustainable plan that will change your life forever.

The rest of your life begins with a Whole30 reset where you will lose weight, enhance sleep, energy, mood, and self-esteem issues all while eliminating some of the most common ailments such acne, eczema, allergies, IBS, and obesity just to name a few.

Reset your life with Dallas and Melissa in ‘It Starts with Food.’

6. Practical Paleo

By: Diane Sanfilippo

In ‘Practical Paleo’ Diane gives you the resources you need for living a healthy lifestyle, delicious recipes, and guidance on changing your diet and improving your health that you’ll come back to time and time again.

Enjoy a step by step guide on how to get started living the Paleo lifestyle, three 30-day meal plans, and get your most pressing questions answered in the new addition.

Get practical with Diane in ‘Practical Paleo.’

7. The Paleo Bundle Pack

By: Angela Blanchard

In ‘The Paleo Bundle Pack’ Angela gives you everything you need to transition to maintaining the Paleo lifestyle to losing weight and keeping it off.

Learn the science behind the madness from calculating macros to cooking nutrient-dense customizable recipes for the whole family.

Allow Angela to guide you through the ultimate lifestyle change in ‘The Paleo Bundle Pack.’

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The Take-Away

No matter your expertise you’ll find something to take away in each of the books listed above. Whether it’s understanding your leaky guy symptoms to learning how to calculate your macronutrients you’ll have fun transforming your life with the words, advices, and motivations from the authors above.


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