Loving Mutual Relationships

How to Build Loving Mutual Relationships for Strong Lifelong Connections

While social media has made it easier to reconnect with childhood friends and your Airbnb host from Bali – it has also taken the quality out of real authentic interpersonal relationships. Learning how to foster Loving Mutual Relationships is essential to building and maintaining strong connections.

“A strong bond between two or more people refers to authentic interpersonal relationship.”

Studies suggest a secure link between reliable social connections can improve certain areas of your health and wellness. Individuals with more interpersonal relationships sleep better, have excellent memory preservation, and overall longevity.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles of digital technology and social media platforms have allowed us to become more isolated within our homes.

Nowadays, you can easily order a pizza online, and stream the newest movie while sitting on your couch, all without making any direct, meaningful contact with the outside world.

Knowing how easy it is to drift away from these social interactions, reconfirms our need to strengthen our social bonds with meaningful interpersonal contact outside of our isolated bubbles.

How to Nurture your Intimate Circle

Your intimate circle will consist of close family, significant others, lifelong friends, and anyone else you are close with and have frequent, meaningful encounters.

Your circle should consist of individuals that provide and engage in a meaningful relationship. Meaning you and the individual are ready and willing to do favors for each other at a moments notice. (No questions asked or excuse to be made).

The optimal size of your circle is not an absolute number but rather an estimate. Whether you have eight meaningful relationships in your circle or eighteen – find the individuals with whom you’d like to foster a loving mutual relationship.

Learning how to foster Loving Mutual Relationships is essential to building and maintaining strong connections.

The Take-Away

Taking time each week to nurture your intimate circle will help build and maintain strong connections for years to come!


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