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Is Alcohol Paleo?

Is Alcohol Paleo?

Is Alcohol Paleo?

How Alcohol Affects Your Weight Loss Goals & The Real Answer to: Is Alcohol Paleo?

Is Alcohol Paleo? I know you are looking for a quick short yes or no answer, but before I do that there is something you should know.

Paleo is not a restrictive lifestyle or diet you must follow or adhere too unless you are following it for necessary medical reasons. If that is your case, it is best to stay away from all alcohol unless cleared by a medical professional. (Sorry, I can’t do that for you either)!

For the rest of you, the choice is purely yours. Yes, you read that right. Below you will find how alcohol affects your weight loss goals and whether tomorrow’s beer is worth the extra carbs or not.

Alcohol: My Line Between Health and Happiness

While alcohol contains empty calories and provides zero nutritional value, it also brings me a sense of relief at the end of the week. I live a healthy Paleo lifestyle six days a week, but once Friday rolls around I absolutely need a drink. Depending on how the week went, it may be as simple as a glass of Paleo red wine or as drastic as a tumbler of iced tequila with a slice of lime. (Hey, don’t judge)!

The most important thing when sticking to any lifestyle is to find the line that meets up at happy and healthy.

-Mom Eats Paleo

Alcohol and Your Weight Loss Goals

As mentioned above, alcohol has zero nutritional value (which is pretty obvious), but it does contain empty calories. Alcohol calories are considered “first to burn,” meaning you will take in those calories first which will prompt your body to burn other means of fuel (instead of stored fat) until the alcohol has been completely metabolized.

Alcohol contains seven calories total in the form of ethanol

The appetite-stimulating first-to-burn characteristics of alcohol can hinder any efforts to reduce body fat. When consuming alcohol, you are likely to experience a dip in blood glucose, resulting in an all-out carbohydrate binge. (You know what I’m talking about. Pizza, Burgers, French Fries, etc.).

To avoid the lipogenic (fat-forming) effects of alcohol, it is best to consume it independently from any other food or drink carbohydrates and IN MODERATION.

The Take-Away

Before you consider your next drink do note, alcohol has zero nutritional value and disrupts your normal digestion and nutrient absorption. The calories found in alcohol will inhibit the burning of other fuels (such as the wanted fat) until all the alcohol has been metabolized and over time this will hinder any effort in reducing excess body fat.

Drinking any alcohol should be done moderately and responsibly. Knowing your “when” point can be crucial to your short-term and long-term health.

Do you like to enjoy an adult beverage? What’s your favorite? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you!


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