Three Methods to Storing Scapes

Plus, What the Heck is a Scape?

Are you wondering How to Store Scapes? Here are my favorite three methods of storing for short-term and long-term uses no matter your yield.

If you’ve never grown garlic, you probably never heard of a garlic scape before. It’s okay because three years ago I had no idea what a scape was either. Before my family’s lifestyle change, I was pretty naive when it came to food.

When we purchased our first home three years ago, we always planned on having a huge garden. We started with one bulb of organic garlic from a farmers market and since then have tripled our yield.

The first year we planted ten cloves which resulted in ten new bulbs. The following year we planted twenty cloves which results in twenty new bulbs. Get where I’m going here? This year we are getting ready to pull over forty new bulbs in just a few weeks.

It still amazes me the amount of garlic we’ve been able to produce just from one bulb three years ago!

When doing anything new, there is a huge learning curve, which meant googling “what’s the thing growing out of the middle of my planted garlic.” Knowing me, those were the exact words I used too.

P.S it’s a garlic scape.

What Is A Garlic Scape?

Garlic scapes are the flower bud of the garlic plant. You are encouraged to remove the bud in late June to help the garlic bulb grow – but this not necessary.

Not surprisingly, garlic scapes taste similar to garlic and can be used in any dish as a delicious, colorful additive or a substitute to garlic. They taste great sauteed, roasted, or added to a soup.

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Three Methods to Storing Garlic Scapes

How To Store Garlic Scapes

Depending on how many garlic bulbs you have growing you may want to store some for later use. Here are my top three ways of storing scapes to get the most out of your yield.

On-The-Counter Method

Short-term storage up to 2-3 days

How to Store Scapes on the Counter

You’ll want to rinse your scapes off with water to loosen any dirt and debris. If you decide after the three days you’d like to store them longer in the fridge – washing them will prevent your other produce from spoiling. Placing dirty food next to your clean fruits and vegetables will cause others to spoil faster.

Next, pick a glass that is large enough to fit your scapes (If you have a lot, you may need to use more than one cup) — place scapes in your glass with the thicker portion towards the bottom of the glass. After your scapes are in the glass, fill halfway with crisp, clean water.

You can leave your scapes on the counter for 2-3 days out of direct sunlight. Make sure to change the water daily to prevent scapes from breakdown and going mushy.

This storage option is excellent for smaller yields or if you plan on using them sooner than later.

In-The-Fridge Method

Storage up to 2-3 weeks

How to Store Scapes in the Fridge

Note: if you started your scapes with the on-the-counter method but didn’t use them, you can quickly and easily transfer to the fridge by following the directions below.

Remove your scapes from the cup and air dry (or pat dry if your short on time). Place dry scapes into the open-ended plastic bag in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator for 2-3 weeks. I highly suggest checking on them every few days to make sure they are still firm and crisp.

If you plan to store your garlic scapes in the fridge as your first option, simply rinse, allow to air dry (or pat dry), and then store in the open-ended plastic bag for 2-3 weeks in the crisper.

If you notice your scapes are getting little mushy or a tad smelly that a sign they are going bad. Use them quickly or learn how to freeze them below!

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In-The-Freezer Method

Long-Term Storage up to 12 months

How to Store Scapes in the Freezer

This is by far my favorite method, especially when your yield is way more significant than you can consume.

To freeze your garlic scapes, you’ll follow the directions similar to storing in the fridge option. Start by rinsing your scapes and allowing to air dry or pat dry if you are short on time.

There is no need to blanch scapes as they retain their color, shape, and taste when frozen properly.

The next part is the fun part, especially if you have little ones that are wanting and willing to help out! Our favorite kid proof knives are: Tovla 3-Pieces Nylon Knife Set.

Cut your scapes into little pieces or your desired length. The best part about doing this is, it saves prep time, and you can easily throw them into any meal right from the freezer!

I usually cut mine into 1/2 inch pieces and place into an airtight (freezer safe) container. By doing this, it will allow your scapes to last longer, rather than throwing them in a plastic bag and risking frost burn.

The Take-Away On How To Store Scapes

Properly storing your garlic scapes will allow them to last longer and allow you to enjoy them weeks to months after they are picked. You can always try pickling your garlic scapes with a vinegar and water mixture (plus, a little salt) for longer storage! Purchase your supplies on

What’s your favorite recipe using scapes? Comment in the comment section below!