How to Choose the Best Salmon

Understanding the different types of salmon can either be detrimental to your health or beneficial to your well being

Salmon from remote pollutant-free waters are some of the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet but How to Choose the Best Salmon can be difficult.

Choosing the right salmon can either be detrimental to your health or can be beneficial to your well being. Learn more about How to Choose the Best Salmon below.

My big AHA moment was when I realized my ‘fresh Atlantic caught’ salmon wasn’t really fresh at all – it was farm raised. I couldn’t believe it — what a great play on words to get me to purchase farm-raised salmon.

Here I am thinking I’m getting all the benefits of freshly caught salmon from the Atlantic ocean but the reality was it was probably causing more damage than I knew.

How to Choose the Best Salmon

Farmed Vs. Wild Caught

There will be a time where your budget doesn’t agree with purchasing wild-caught salmon. It happens. There are other avenues you can take like purchasing frozen, canned, or smoked wild-caught salmon. (My family’s favorite canned salmon is Wild Planet).

Depending on where your farmed raised salmon is coming from it can compromise your health and offer very little nutritional value. Farmed salmon are much lower in omega-3 and higher in omega-6 because of their artificial diet. Their cramped environmental circumstances make for unsanitary conditions leaving them exposed to pesticides and antibiotics to ward off infection.

Let’s talk about Atlantic salmon.

Commercial and recreational fishing for Atlantic salmon in the United States is prohibited. That is why you’ll only find farm-raised Atlantic salmon in the U.S.

Farm-raised fish can be massed produced in shorter amounts of time with little regard to your health. Don’t let the name fool you as it fooled me.

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How to Choose the Best Salmon

How to Pick Out Fresh Salmon

1.) Shop for salmon at your local dedicated fish market or farmers market. Fish from these sources are likely to be fresh compared to purchasing at the grocery store.

2.) The odor of your salmon should be non-existent. Give your salmon the sniff test – bad salmon will smell, well…. bad.

3.) Inquire about where your salmon came from, avoid salmon imported from China or Asia – both farmed and wild caught.

How to Choose the Best Salmon

Five Types of Salmon You Should be Buying When It Comes to Wild-Caught AND Fresh

  • King Salmon is the best tasting of the bunch. Their flesh will vary from white to dark red depending on what they have been eating.
  • Sockeye Salmon are known for their bright orange flesh and deep in flavor.
  • Coho Salmon is also called silver salmon because of their silvery skin have a red flesh and taste similar to king salmon.
  • Pink Salmon are the most common of the bunch. They have a small fat content and have a pinkish flesh tone.
  • Silverbrite Salmon is the smaller of the bunch and has a light pale flesh color. This type of salmon is usually canned or frozen.

The Take-Away

No other food can come close to the sufficient levels of omega-3 in wild caught salmon. Salmon provides an excellent source of protein, B-complex, vitamins, selenium, and other essential nutrients and antioxidants. It’s best to purchase salmon listed above just for these nutrient levels alone.


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