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I keep my free Paleo resources, downloadable meal plans, guides, and printables in a password protected library. My library, open to anyone, is a free resource library. Inside you’ll find TONS of recipes, resources, and guides just for you! Currently, there are tons of free Paleo meal plans, guides, and printables in there. It’s amazing!

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Here are some of my most popular guides and cheat sheets that are available completely FREE in my resource library:

Transitioning & Maintaining the Paleo Lifestyle – Family Edition – Your complete 15-page guide and workbook for transitioning and maintaining the Paleo lifestyle for the whole family.
31-Day Paleo Diet Tracker – This journal is perfect for those just starting on the Paleo diet as a way to hold themselves accountable when it comes to choosing optimal food choices, plus a 31-day dinner meal plan and customizable shopping list.
Macronutrient Calculator – Your step by step guide for finding your ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to obtaining the correct amount of protein, fat, and carbs for achieving your goals.
Weekly Meal Plans – Each week, get new meal ideas to add to your recipe collection, plus a shopping list!

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