Top Healthy Living Apps

Free Healthy Living Apps for a Healthy Lifestyle

Top Free Healthy Living Apps for your smart phone that will help you live a happy and healthy lifestyle on-the-go.

Let’s face it; we live in a world of ever-changing and advancing technology. It changes so fast by the time you finish learning about how to operate the newest fad, the next latest and improved model of technology comes out.

I’m getting older, and these constant changes have me pulling my hair out!

The truth is technology can be your health’s best asset. With so many different apps out there, there is no reason not to be more health conscious.

I know what your thinking, how can an app help me lose weight, sleep better, or keep track of your food intake? Check out these top Free Healthy Living Apps and see for yourself!

Top FREE Apps for Living Healthy

Free Healthy Living Apps for Active Lifestyles

Healthy Living

Every day we face decisions that can impact our health. Having to research everything from your bath and beauty products to what’s in your spaghetti sauce can be overwhelming.

Well, not anymore! Healthy Living has made it easier to choose what products are best for your family with just a scan of a bar code. You can find ratings for more than 120,000 foods and personal care items right at your fingertips.


This is a great app to have the next time you are at the grocery store stuck deciding between two brands of jelly. Scan products easily into the consumr app and immediately get reviews and comparisons from other consumers and companies.

Compare both products side by side with this easy to use app. Consumr will also find you the best prices by comparing local stores with online retailers like Amazon.

Making a decision shouldn’t be difficult!


Ever find yourself in a new town or city looking to connect with nature? Yonder is the best way to discover the outdoors whether you are a first-time hiker or looking to climb Mount Everest.

No matter where you are Yonder will lead you to your next adventure.

Where will you go?

Thrive Market

Ever get lost in a grocery store trying to find the only health food shelf lined with limited products?

The Thrive Market app makes shopping for healthy food easier. It is a one-stop shop for everything healthy, from baby products to pantry staples, you will find it all there. Best of all it is shipped directly to your door!

True Food

According to the Center for Food Safety, almost 70% of all packaged foods contain genetically engineered ingredients. It’s a hard statistic to swallow. It is difficult to say how harmful genetically modified ingredients are, but I refuse to risk my health without checking the True Food app.

With the True Food App, you can purchase your packaged goods with ease. True Food has generated a list of green foods (no GMI’s found) and a list of red foods (GMI’s found) to make your health decisions easier.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

I have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep which makes me a horrible morning person. (No talkie until coffee.) The app tracks your sleep cycles and wakes you up slowly during the light sleep cycle.

Waking up during light sleep feels like waking up naturally rested without an alarm clock. Waking up is all about timing with this app.


Food allergies are becoming quite popular these days, and it’s harder than ever to find recipes that are allergy friendly. At Yummly they make it easy to find allergy-friendly recipes.

The take into account your food preferences as well as your restrictions. You can enter allergy triggers, and Yummly will pull up recipes based on your preferences. Whether you have a gluten allergy or a peanut allergy, you will find something here!

Spotify Running

Good music is a key to a great workout, and with this app, you will get just that. Run faster, longer, and harder with this app as it measures your pace and picks a song with the beats per minute to match it.

Let’s be real, you probably already have Spotify downloaded, why not take a run?

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The Take-Away

Living healthy isn’t always about eating healthy; it is about sleeping right, exercising, and making healthy choices. You can download all these apps for FREE IOS and Android operating systems.

Some of these apps may have optional in-app purchases so what you decide to do after downloading is up to you, but the free versions are all beneficial without the extra bells and whistles.

These are all apps I have personally used and benefited from. Have you benefited from an app not listed above? Comment below or email me! I am always looking for new healthful ideas!


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