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Fasting and Exercising: The Healthful Benefits

Fasting and Exercising: The Healthful Benefits

Fasting and Exercising

The Benefits of Fasting and Exercising

Another popular question I get from my Primal Health Coaching clients is; “how do I go about exercising while fasting?” This is such a great question, as the mounting evidence shows Fasting and Exercising can offer numerous amounts of healthful benefits!

Pairing fasting with exercising can deliver performance-enhancing, anti-aging effects by up-regulating the release of adaptive hormones into the bloodstream and improved insulin sensitivity.

Read more about the amazing benefits of pairing exercise and fasting below!

The Benefits of Fasting and Exercising

Adaptive Hormones

During a fast, adrenal hormones (cortisol and epinephrine) are elevated, and exercising elevates these hormones even more! These short-term stress spikes improve performance and recovery.

Muscle Translation

Exercising in a fasted state optimizes the re-activation of muscle protein translation. Meaning post-workout muscle growth rate is improved at a significant level.

Insulin Sensitivity

When pairing Fasting and Exercising individuals can experience improved insulin sensitivity. Depleting muscles of store energy and waiting until hunger ensures naturally to eat, makes the muscles very receptive to replenishing and recovering from nutrients.

Repletion and Retention

The body adapts to exercising in a fasted state by utilizing less glycogen to perform a certain amount of work. Being able to preserve glycogen while exercising by fasting allows individuals to burn a mixture of fat and glycogen to sustain long periods of activity without fatigue.


a substance deposited in bodily tissues as a store of carbohydrates

The Take-Away

If you are not fat adapted I do not suggest fasting, let alone Fasting and Exercising. Always be aware of your body’s signals. If you need help becoming fat adapted or have questions you can schedule a free session with me here.

Over time a pattern of primal eating, exercising, and lifestyle practices will enable glycogen to be spared and workouts to be completed successfully without carb preloading or refueling. Achieving a proper balance of Fasting and Exercising will ensure adequate performance and recovery time.


Have questions or need help? Comment below or contact me here! I’d love to hear from you.

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