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Paleo Kid’s Edition Cookbook

Paleo Kid’s Edition Cookbook

30-Minute Paleo Kid Meals


Learn how to make over forty 30-minute kid-approved meals with practical real food ingredients for busy families.


Is making meals for your family a dreaded and time-consuming chore?

Is mealtime an endless battle of wits, complaining, and untouched plates?

Are you ready to throw the towel in?




Paleo Kid’s Edition Cookbook

30-Minute Paleo Kid Meals


The number one concern I hear from moms is the time and effort it takes to prepare and cook Paleo meals. The second is their picky eaters (husband included) will not eat those hard labored healthy meals it took you all day to make.

We’ve all been there, and maybe you still are struggling with finding the time and dancing around your families sophisticated palates or lack thereof- it’s okay.

This book was created just for you.

I want to alleviate your struggles and help you and your family ditch those unhealthy foods for good and start eating real foods.

I took your children’s traditional comfort foods and turned them into healthy Paleo dishes your family will love and ask for time and time again.

Each recipe was created with your families sophisticated palates, time constraints, and budget in mind. Enjoy 30-minute meals free of grains, gluten, dairy, legumes, refined sugars, vegetable oils, and all processed foods, chemicals, and ingredients.


**TEASERS** What You Can Expect:


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The Mom Eats Paleo Kid's Edition Cookbook


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  • Family Friendly
  • Easy
  • Basic Ingredients
  • Kid-Approved Recipes
  • Healthy


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