Is planning and preparing weekly meals for your family a dreaded and time-consuming chore?


Is mealtime an endless battle of wits, complaining and untouched plates?


Do you lack the proper resources for planning meals, while maintaining your budget and sanity?


Paleo Family Easy Meals

This is not “just another” meal plan that’s going to tell you to subscribe to a “boxed meal service” (those don’t work for every family or every budget). And, it’s not a set of recipes that are time-consuming with huge lists of ingredients (many which you don’t have).

There is a practical and budget-friendly way to shop and prepare meals that will leave your family licking their plates clean without breaking the bank {like much of those other meal planning services}.

Stop losing your sanity playing the guessing game this week, regardless of your budget, you can transform your family’s favorite meals into realistic, quick, delicious, and healthful alternatives.

Paleo Family Easy Meals goes beyond the shopping list {which is provided} and your children’s sophisticated palates, or lack thereof.

It’s about prepping meals with similar ingredients, using the right tools to execute dinner, and going back to the basics to save you time, money, and what’s left of your sanity.


What this guide will do for you…

  • It will provide you with the first couple of Paleo Family Easy Meals + Shopping List.

  • It will show you which basic kitchen tools you need (you don’t need a lot!).

  • It will give you useful tips and tricks.

  • It will show you how to incorporate similar ingredients for multiple meals to save money and avoid food spoilage.

  • It will empower you to spend more time in the kitchen as a family cooking, eating, and making memories that will be passed on for generations to come.

Managing a family of picky eaters and playing tango with time is stressful enough. Planning, prepping, and preparing shouldn’t be a chore or stressful, it should be fun and enjoyable.

With the proper guidance and tools found throughout this guide, you can achieve a stress-free, budget-friendly, and delicious family meal- everyone will enjoy.