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How Digital Technology Wreaks Havoc on Your Brain

How Digital Technology Wreaks Havoc on Your Brain

Digital Technology

How Digital Technology Affects Your Brain and How to Fix Your Digital Addiction

While digital technology certainly has it’s benefits – it has also left you in a state of constant distraction by separating you from the downtime you so much need and crave for.

Digital technology today comes at you in all sorts of ways; television, text messages, social media, news articles, and emails, to name a few.

Studies have shown that technology gives you an over-stimulation of choices, and the more choices you encounter, the more stress you will carry. You are three times overloaded with trivial information coming from all sorts of technological avenues than your parents were growing up.

Digital Technology

The application of this knowledge for practical ends, as in digital communications, and social media.

The Negative Effects of Digital Technology on Your Brain


Texts, instant messages, likes, and retweets have entirely changed the way your brain’s reward system responds to stimuli. When the dopamine rush from trivial alerts and texts becomes constant, these “digital rewards” spark compulsive behaviors. With each notification, you are compromising your ability to focus and adding unnecessary stress on trivial distractions.

Intellectual Decline

The constant use of technology has shown to shrink areas of the brain that are responsible for speech, memory, emotion, concentration, and empathy by twenty percent. Not only is digital technology shrinking the size of your brain, but it’s also leaving you isolated, depressed, and anxious.

Over Exposure

Your constant exposure to endless threads of trivial digital information without the lack of discipline has left you overwhelmed and carrying unnecessary extra stress. Read more about how digital technology impacts your stress levels here: Stress Management: Practical Ways to Stress-Less.

Ways to Reduce Your Usage of Digital Technology

  • Start by setting aside time blocks to consume digital technology, social media, and news.
  • Turn off all alerts and notifications outside of time blocks.
  • Avoid all digital technology at least two hours before bed.
  • Follow things you genuinely care about, so you make the most use of your digital time blocks.
  • Maintain awareness on how you spend your time.
  • Fulfill your need to check your phone or computer every few minutes by engaging in fun activities. See Mom Eats Paleo Adult Play article for fun ideas!

The Take-Away

The average American spends far too many hours watching television, scrolling through social media, and checking their emails after work hours. Knowing the risks of too much digital technology can help you create awareness in your usage and prevent negative lifestyle habits.

You are your children’s biggest and most significant role model. They will mimic everything you do, so set a good example by limiting screen time and engaging in more outdoor play or spending quality time together without digital distractions.

What are some ways you disengage from digital stimulation? I would love to hear what works best for you! Comment below!


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