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Angela Blanchard is a Certified Primal Health Coach and Personal Trainer, a professional blogger at Mom Eats Paleo and business owner of Midwest Primal Health and Wellness. In addition to The Big Book of Paleo Cooking, Angela has many self-publications, including Weight Loss on Paleo and her Kid’s Edition Cookbook, which can be found on her website along with other titles. Angela resides in Wisconsin with her husband, two boys, and two English Bulldogs. In her free time, she enjoys long periods of silence, an occasional adult beverage, and binge-watching crime documentaries, but you’ll usually find her in the kitchen cooking up something new and exciting.

My Journey 

For years, I struggled with infertility issues, extreme anxiety, bouts of depression, and being overweight. I spent years following diet fads, taking weight loss supplements, and participating in strenuous exercise programs. Yet, I always ended up back where I started, only more tired, depressed, and hungrier than before.

After my second son was born, I finally realized my lifestyle habits were not only affecting me but my family as well. Just like our genes, our habits get passed down from generation to generation; I needed to break my family’s chain of negative lifestyle practices, and it started with the foods I was eating by following the Paleo diet.

I slowly started to change my diet one step at a time by first eliminating grains, then dairy, legumes, sugars, and all things processed. Within the first week, I was already noticing changes in my body composition and mental clarity: I was more energized, sleeping better, and for the first time in a long time, I felt happier.

As the weeks went on, so did my progression. That first year I lost 54 pounds, and I have continued to maintain my weight through the Paleo diet. I use the word ‘diet’ very loosely, as I see Paleo as being a lifestyle one follows and not so much a diet. Eating Paleo is a sustainable way to live and eat that promotes overall health and wellness, and it provides your mind and body everything it needs to be the very best it can be. Since my transition, I decided to start Mom Eats Paleo to help other moms and their families transition into the Paleo lifestyle with ease, all while reaping the benefits of a sustainable way of life.

All my recipes are Paleo, but they are not limited to just Paleo. I specialize in family-friendly recipes that are easy to execute during the hectic work week and budget-friendly meals that require similar ingredients that will save you money. Along with delicious Paleo recipes, you’ll find helpful workbooks and guides that will help your navigate the Paleo lifestyle, along with free resources and meal plans added each week. 

I love turning your everyday comfort food into healthy, delicious Paleo alternatives. Every meal is created, made, and tested by me and my taste-testing crew (my kids).

My recipes will give you the ambition you need to eat healthier, enjoy cooking, and feeling better.

Paleo On & Paleo Strong!

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